Rules & Regulations

  • Rules for Students
    Dress Code
    • Every Student of the college shall follow the following dress code.

    • Students should wear uniform dress in Monday and Thursday.

    • In Remaining working days students shall wear modest decent and acceptable dress.

    • Students in Collarless T. Shirts and T. Shirts with indecent writings, banyans, sleeveless shirts or shorts wearing will not be permitted inside of the classrooms.

    • Girls are expected to wear sarees or salwar khamees with duppatta properly pinned.

    • Under the Education Rules of the Government, the Principal has full powers to impose fine, suspend or expel the students from the college, for the violation of any one of these rules.

    • Attendance will be marked at the beginning of every hour.

    • No student will be allowed to take leave without leave letter.  He/she must apply for leave in advance by stating the reasons for his / her absence.  In cases where absence is due to unforeseen circumstances an application for leave should be submitted on the first day of return to the college.

    • All leave letters should be countersigned by the parents or guardian in the case of Day Scholars and in the case of resident students leave letters should be countersigned by the deputy warden.

    • No student shall withhold himself / herself from internal test without the prior permission of the Head of the Department.

    • Student should take the tests seriously.  No student will be permitted to leave the examination hall before the completion of 1 hours.

    Specific Rule
    • The name of the student who is continuously absent for fifteen days will be removed from roll and he / she will be permitted to attend the classes only after meeting the principal with parents.